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Make them smile
Make them smile

This is a Muslim founded organisation established in 2017 and registered at the district level of Mbale. It was formed by the Imams,Sheikhs & community leaders of Mbale and Sironko to run activities such as Education, Orphan Care, Water Aid, Agriculture, Livelihood , Ramadan , Qurbani , Emergency Relief/Food Aid, Health, Construction and Dawah Programs in Uganda.

 The organization’s main goal is to “Helping The Needy " and strengthening Islamic morals spiritually. M.D.C programs work towards to effectively address the immediate basic needs of vulnerable households, while laying a foundation for long-term livelihoods recovery and economic development. M.D.C always stands for the vulnerable people when they need help and they are one of the first respondents to come to their rescue M.D.C  staff members along with the local community volunteers have made house to house survey to select appropriate beneficiaries and emphasis was placed on the most affected families. It also involves volunteers from the local community to ensure that beneficiaries who are identified are the real affected families.

Vision of M.D.C

To serve the needy in the communities including the refugees, orphans, widows, elderly and PWDs to access basic services and live a life worthy meaningful and as well as help them realize their potential regardless of the circumstances that they are in.

Mission of   M.D.C    

Undertaking to enhance the needy in communities with holistic support by enabling them to access basic services that can help them come to terms with the circumstances that they are in while equipping with knowledge, skills, counselling to renew their holistic hopes.

Goal and objectives of M.D.C

  To increase the purchasing power of vulnerable populations to meet food and essential non-food items

  To reduce the pressure on local social support systems.

  To prevent the deterioration of health and nutrition within the affected communities.

  To increase on individuals’, local farmers or local households’ income.

  To minimize on gender based violence amongst the local people.


Ramadan feesing to the Needy Fasting Muslims
Ramadan feesing to the Needy Fasting Muslims
the blessing month of Ramadan, we have a schedule of providing a hot meal to needy fasting Muslim through setting up a cookery point where our food is prepared before distribution. We prepare food in manner that very fasting Muslim must receive iftar dinner during the time of breaking which enable us to remain the reading charity in doing seasonal projects in Uganda.It is an obligation for the Muslim community to honour the Holy month of Ramadan and in the same spirit that  M.D.C gets involved in facilitating the fasting Muslim community to go through this period. Participating in Ramadan & helping the poor at this particular time helps build a stronger sense of community and mutual responsibility as well as strengthens the bond among the local community.This has become an annual obligation and the community has come to appreciate it. Numbers of mosques proposed increased from an initial 10 to 95 in the region. The food parcels are always distributed in partnership with community support in terms of manpower and the beneficiaries include single parents,victims of domestic violence, refugees, asylum seekers, young carers, families on low incomes, the elderly and even none Muslim community.